Our story began way back in early 2000 when a teen ager, Prateek Agarwal envisioned the company in his 7th grade, despite of the fact that he just knew to start computer and barely cut/copy the files at that time.

The seed was however sown. Prateek started cultivating his dream and began exploring the world of information technologies. He learned various technologies, gained skills, earned engineering degree in computer science, worked with local and international clients as freelancer, and finally decided to officially start Daedal Technovations Pvt. Ltd. He was joined by Pankaj Sharma, who too had a desire of bringing innovations with the help of technology since early age of his life. They both have joined the hands together, and the company has been started on the 8th of October in the year 2010.

Fueled by passion and a stubbornness to persevere, we did it!

The company that was just started in a small room, one computer and 3 people is now having its offices and points of presence around the world including in Jaipur, Udaipur, Bangalore, Hyderabad as well as US, UK and Australia amongst others.

We have a long and fast growing list of satisfied clients, various awards, recognitions and many more reasons to call this journey amazing.

This would have not been ever possible without our great team, numerous satisfied clients and even all the problems that came on the way and inspired us to do better than our own past.