About Us

We are Daedal Technovations!
The company that’s committed to bring, maintain and develop technological innovations.

Daedal Technovations is a global provider and developer of innovative IT solutions, including software applications, web applications, apps for portable devices, internet marketing, social media marketing and other ground breaking services.

Recognized as an emerging industry leader, Daedal Technovations excels at providing arguably the industries most innovative and cost-efficient IT products and services.
Headquartered in the central hub of India, Daedal Technovations operates a global network with points of presence in the Indian sub-continent, south-east Asia, Pacific, Europe, America and other major countries around the world.

With a dedication to quality and a thirst for technology, Daedal Technovations puts strategy to execution by utilizing a highly experienced team and principles with years of understanding in the field.

Daedal Technovations and its network subsidiaries have been consistently providing excellent software applications, web solutions, internet marketing and other exciting products and services to its widespread clients around the world.

How we operate:
Through our unparalleled on the ground global experience, we use all of our expertise, talent and innovation oriented approach for developing each of our products and services. Leveraging our unique local relationships in key regions worldwide, we succeed in providing the best value, first class quality services.